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Because You Have the Right to Know!

Your Lease in San Diego Credit Report is delivered directly to the your prospective landlord in a sealed envelope or via fax to a fax number specified by the landlord. The Lease in San Diego credit report is the most complete and respected by the California Apartment Owner's Association and includes credit score:

  • Experian
  • TransUnion
  • Equifax

The Lease in San Diego Credit Report also offers these additional features:

  • Exclusive to Lease in San Diego Instant Delivery of results Instead of stalling for days to make a decision We provide you with all the information you need within 60 seconds.
  • Best of all, Lease in San Diego Credit Report is included for FREE with your paid membership, when your prospective landlords request it from us.
  • We can provide additional credit reports for only $25.00 per person.

Save Money: Every consumer-grade web-based Credit Check service charges at least $9.00 PER REPORTING AGENCY. Furthermore, most landlords will not accept consumer grade credit reports. Therefore, each building that you apply at will charge you AT LEAST $25.00 per application (per person).

Simply Fill out the Application form the prospective landlord provides and fax us to attention Credit Processing 310-276-2700 with the contact and fax number of your landlord. Forms are also available online on our site on Member's Command Center page.

SIGNUP NOW, and ask your prospective landlords to request your credit report from Lease in San Diego, 100% FREE OF CHARGE!